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Page last updated: Thursday, 22 November 2018 - 2:07pm

DDLS charges for the services it provides. Each laboratory report includes a cost advice summary with a breakdown of the individual test charges and a separate agency tax invoice for payment.

Below is a list of applicable charges. Refer to the 2018-19 fees and charges booklet on this page for charge amounts.

Charges are negotiable for bulk submissions. A case handling fee is applied to all submissions to cover administration and overhead charges. The submitter will be invoiced in all cases unless documented otherwise on the submission form at the time of sample submission.

General service

Fee type

Job handling fee


Disease diagnosis


Fee type

Nematode extraction and ID to genus

Nematode extraction and ID to species

Potato Cyst Nematode detection on soil


Fungal and bacterial

Fee type

Visual/microscopic examination

Pathogen detection – seed sample

Fungal pathogen isolation by plating (plant or water)

Bacterial pathogen isolation by plating and ID (plant or water)

Fungal pathogen isolation by moist tray (plant or water)

Fungal and bacterial pathogen isolation by plating (plant or water)

Rhizoctonia and nematode to species combined test


Detection of pathogens on soil

Fee type

Single pathogen (includes initial setup)

Each additional pathogen

Each additional sample


Accreditation phytophthora testing (double bait test)

Fee type

First test (includes initial setup)

Each additional test

Phytophthora/pythium on soil samples

Quantitative leaf disease assessment


Molecular tests

Fee type

PCR, base cost

PCR, extra sample

Identification to species by DNA sequencing


Virus testing

Fee type

Consignment fee

Leaf sample, one virus, per sample (includes initial setup)

Tuber sample, one virus, per sample (includes initial setup)

Vine sample, one virus, per sample (includes initial setup)

Each additional virus for leaf, tuber and vine , per test

Herbacious Indicator, per test

Herbacious Indicator, each additional test

Woody indicator, per test

Woody indicator, each additional test


More information

For more information contact:

DDLS Specimen Reception

08 9368 3351

Email DDLS@agric.wa.gov.au