Citrus canker: Quarantine Areas

Page last updated: Friday, 24 May 2019 - 1:33pm

On 12 June 2018, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development made amendments to the Quarantine Areas Notice that was published on 1 June 2018. These Quarantine Areas were initially declared following the confirmed detection of citrus canker. The aim of declaring these Quarantine Areas is to reduce the risk of the disease spreading and, ultimately, eradicate citrus canker in Western Australia. 

More information about movement restrictions can be found in the Control Areas and Restricted Areas brochure.

The Quarantine Areas cover a 50km radius from both the Kununurra post office and the Wyndham post office.

Included in the amended Quarantine Areas Notice are Restricted Areas and Control Areas, which clarify restrictions on the movement of citrus canker host plants and fruit. Restricted Areas have been declared around the three premises which have been found to have infected plants. Movement restrictions for both the Restricted Areas and Control Areas remain in place until 31 October 2020. 

These movement controls are part of a nationally agreed response plan to eradicate known infections, prevent any spread of the disease and protect the State’s citrus growers.

Movement restrictions in Restricted Areas

The areas shaded grey in the maps in the Quarantine Areas Notice show the three Restricted Areas. You can search for your address in the interactive map below to find out if your property is located in one of these areas.

Under the requirements of the Quarantine Areas Notice, if your property is located in a Restricted Area, you can’t move citrus plants or fruit into, out of, or within the area. This restriction also applies to machinery, equipment, soil and potting mix which is used in association with citrus plants.

Propagation and planting of citrus canker host plants within Restricted Areas also is not permitted.

The only exception to this is fruit or juice for human consumption which has been imported from outside a Control Area. In other words, you can still buy citrus fruit and juice from retail outlets and take it into a Restricted Area if it has come from outside a Control Area.

Movement restrictions in Control Areas

The Control Areas comprise the rest of the Quarantine Areas that are not Restricted Areas.

Citrus canker host plants and parts of those plants, including fruit, are permitted to be moved within and into these areas, but they can’t be moved out of the areas. This restriction also applies to machinery, equipment, soil and potting mix which is used in association with citrus plants.

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