Coastal Doppler radar upgrades

Page last updated: Monday, 4 February 2019 - 2:31pm

DPIRD staff have completed the planning and background work, with construction about to begin on upgrading the State's coastal radar network to make Western Australia's weather monitoring service the best in Australia.

As well as the planning work, DPIRD has committed $4.6 million to upgrade the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) Albany and Geraldton facilities with each receiving $2.3m.

The funding will upgrade the existing radars to Doppler capability, providing more accurate and credible weather information for farmers, and boosting agribusiness capacity and emergency services in the regions.

The improvements will generate valuable data on rainfall intensity, wind speed and direction, with information updated every six minutes on DPIRD’s and the Bureau's websites.

On completion of this work and when the Bureau finishes its planned Doppler upgrade to its Esperance facility, WA will have almost complete Doppler radar coverage across the agricultural regions.

The enhanced radar service, together with DPIRD’s network of 175 weather stations, will enable agribusinesses to make more informed, data-driven decisions while also providing crucial real-time information to emergency services.

The coastal radar upgrades will complement the State's investment in the Newdegate, South Doodlakine and Watheroo Doppler installations to provide regional businesses and residents with a first-rate weather service.

During these planned coastal radar upgrades, please visit the following BoM sites for updated weather information: MetEye, Satellite Viewer, and Observations.

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