Dry season resources

Page last updated: Monday, 20 May 2019 - 2:29pm

Western Australian agriculture experiences variability in its winter growing season (May–October): late starts, early finishes and 'dry seasons' with rainfall low enough to cause serious crop stress and business disruption are reasonably common.

We provide the resources on this page for agricultural businesses, consultants, grower groups, farming organisations and regional communities to help reduce the impact of dry seasons.

During dry seasons, we will have a dedicated page with regional and seasonal support.

For the current season

See Season 2019: seasonal and management information for farmers and pastoralists

Climate and weather resources

The department has several climate and weather tools to assist short- and long-term decision making:

Land and water resources

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Cropping resources


Establishment and early season


Harvesting and stubble management

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Livestock resources




Livestock health and welfare

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Financial and wellbeing resources

Services are available to assist people through difficult periods:

Contact information

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