Fertiliser Partnership

Page last updated: Thursday, 27 November 2014 - 1:20pm

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The management of nutrient loss from fertilisers is a high priority for the health of waterways of the Swan and Scott Coastal Plains.

This is a shared community responsibility and the Government has established the Fertiliser Partnership 2012-2016 to facilitate this by providing clear collective aims and objectives.

The Water Quality Improvement Plans for the Swan and Scott Coastal Plains indicate that fertiliser run-off/seepage from urban and rural areas continues to be the primary cause of ongoing nutrient enrichment of our waterways.

While many initiatives have been undertaken by the community, industry and government aimed at reducing nutrient loss from rural and urban areas, further improvement is needed. The Fertiliser Partnership provides a means for coordinated support by government and for partners to engage in developing improved practices and products for industry and consumers.

The Fertiliser Partnership 2012-2016 supersedes the Fertiliser Action Plan (2007).