Grants for Asian Market Export – awarded projects

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Round 1 – awarded projects

Table 3 Grants for Asian Market Export Round 1 – awarded projects


Project title

Project description

Grant (ex. co-contribution)

Derby Industries Pty Ltd

Linking Brand Provenance and Demand in Singapore

The aim of the project is establish a distinctive brand throughout the supply chain in Singapore. The brand will promote LVP’s WA provenance and establish greater end user demand. This will protect and grow market share, with the additional sales resulting in increased demand for more pigs grown and processed in WA.

$115 000

Harvey Industries Group Pty Ltd

Harvey Beef Case Ready Beef Product - Asia Market Export Marketing and Product Development

This project will develop a Harvey Beef branded retail and food service range for export into premium markets within Asia and the Middle East. Ultimately the project will assist in delivering improved and more stable returns for cattle producers by moving more products out of the volatile commodity trade into the more stable value added premium trade.

$200 000

Hay Australia Pty Ltd

Development of Big Bale Mobile Press for Cereal Hay Industry

Hay Australia’s development of a big bale mobile press (2BMP) would expand export hay opportunities, increase continuity of supply and improve the consistency of export hay quality.

$200 000

Mareterram Trading Pty Ltd

Mareterram Foods - bringing high quality, high value, West Australian prawns to the Asian Dining Boom

The project will build a strategy and market development activities focused on rapid penetration into high growth. premium markets in Asia. Through this project, Mareterram expects to achieve successful sales overseas, diversify its product base, and deliver long term sustainability for the company and its regional partners. 

$157 228

Milne Agrigroup Pty Ltd

Mt Barker Free Range Farms export development

The aim of this project is to launch Free Range Pork and Chicken into premium Asian markets. The ultimate goal is to generate sustainable export market positions, which will support investment into new farms and expanded processing throughout the Great Southern.

$200 000

Milne Agrigroup Pty Ltd

Milne Feeds Export Market Development

This project targets market development in in Asia for pelleted feed products for ruminants. Leveraging technology and expertise that has resulted in a domestic market leadership position for Milne, this project will produce and export pelleted feed that is competitive with in-market production costs while delivering a better nutritional result.

$200 000

Moora Citrus Pty Ltd

Premium Technology for Premium Markets

This project aims to implement advanced technology into the WA citrus export value chain to deliver premium fruit that meets individual specifications of export markets, faster and more competitively.  The project will result in:

  • reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • building the confidence of in-market partners that WA citrus fruit exceeds consumer expectations
  • establishing a first class reputation of WA produce
  • demonstrating opportunities to future WA citrus exporters.

$175 200

V&V Walsh Ltd

Chilled WA meat to China

The objective of the project is to establish a recognisable brand targeting premium Chinese markets. 

Ultimately, this project will see new and additional lamb and beef markets established giving current producers more confidence to increase flock and herd numbers in WA. The anticipated increase in volumes will benefit employment in the WA farming and rural sector while promoting the superior quality of WA meat to consumers.

$178 750

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