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The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia is working with the state government on major initiatives to help ensure the long-term success of Western Australia’s agriculture and food sector.

Agrifood 2025+

DAFWA is leading Agrifood 2025+ – an initiative which aims to double the real-term value of sales from WA’s agrifood sector between 2013 and 2025.

It supports the state government’s goal to broaden the base of the state’s economy.

Industry and government agree that the agrifood sector has the potential to contribute more to the state’s economy, with its farming business potential yet to be fully realised due to limited demand.  An increasingly prosperous Asia, coupled with rapid worldwide population growth, is now starting to provide the buying power needed to make that development viable.

Our department brought key industry leaders together to identify and prioritise the drivers that will likely shape the sector’s future to 2025 and the conditions needed for it to prosper.

Meeting the 2025 target is going to take a considerable and concerted effort.  This will include the development and application of appropriate business models, novel and better-targeted products; and a focus on larger and more demanding markets.

Success will also depend on agrifood businesses becoming more attractive to investors, with more efficient supply chains; increased business skills and more appropriate business models; more strategic linkages between market needs and production; and a better targeted innovation system.

Agrifood 2025+ is closely linked to the state government’s Royalties for Regions initiative.

Evidence supporting the Agrifood 2025+ goal

We know that the Western Australian agrifood sector has the potential to double the value of its sales between 2013 and 2025.

The Agrifood 2025+: the opportunity for Western Australia infographic (available in PDF and Word versions) explains the key evidence that supports this target and what can be done to realise the opportunity.

The Agrifood 2025+ target was aspirational when it was set by government and industry. However, recent evidence shows that a doubling of the value of sales can be achieved and we have an increased understanding of how to do that.

This is informing DAFWA’s strategic direction and other planning.

Royalties for Regions

DAFWA has a major role in the state government’s Royalties for Regions initiative – a transformational program of priority projects designed to improve the long-term profitability of the State’s agriculture and food sector.

The state government has allocated $297.5 million of Royalties for Regions funds over four years, starting in 2013/14, to help Western Australia's agriculture and food sector to capture market opportunities in Asia.

This is a landmark initiative to ensure our agricultural sector is positioned to capitalise on the growing global demand for food and agricultural products – much of it right on our doorstep.

The program will focus on short and medium-term strategies to assist WA businesses to pursue these opportunities in Asia, the Middle East and other new markets .

This funding will help to build business skills, research and development and create efficient supply chains to satisfy customer requirements, as well as promote WA products and attract new investment in agriculture.

The initiative is administered by the Department of Regional Development (DRD). Many projects are led by DAFWA, which is working with other departments, including the DRD and Department of Water, in partnership with industry, community and other stakeholders.

Detailed information on the approved projects can be found in the Royalties for Regions section.

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