The contributors to profitable sheep businesses

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The demand for high value agricultural produce continues to increase and provides great opportunity to Australian agriculture. However, farming is becoming more challenging in an increasingly competitive and volatile environment. Therefore there is a need to improve understanding of farm business economics to maintain economic sustainability.

Economics of the sheep enterprise

The Sheep Industry Business Innovation (SIBI) project has conducted a number of studies to help farmers better understand their costs and income base, and the costs and risks associated with adapting farming systems under increasingly variable operating conditions.

The following reports, all available for download in the side menu, contain economic research and analysis on components of the sheep enterprise that impact on farming systems.

  • Comparative analysis of gross margins for grain and sheep enterprises in the central and high rain fall regions of the Western Australian (WA) wheatbelt 2016. Learn how sheep gross margins have compared with crop gross margins in the WA wheatbelt.
  • Opportunities for producers to expand their sheep enterprise.
  • The cost of getting back into sheep. Discover the best way to double the size of a sheep flock.


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