Pastures from Space estimates green feed-on-offer (FOO) and the pasture growth rate (PGR). The FOO is the above-ground green pasture biomass expressed as kg/ha and PGR is the current rate of pasture growth in kg/ha per day. The information comes from the MODIS satellite.

In September last year, eight growers from Merredin and Districts Farm Improvement group (MADFIG) embarked on a four day ‘Tools and Technology’ study tour interstate. The tour was organised as an ‘extra event’ in MADFIG’s eConnected project.

The $580,000 WA Internet of Things (IoT) DecisionAg Grant Program (Program) is focused on demonstrating agricultural digital technology (ag-tech) solutions to WA growers and school students in the grains industry.

Soil moisture probes can assist in making better decisions around nitrogen management, risk mitigation, marketing and crop potential. 

They help you to find out:

- how much water you have in your soil water bucket at critical times;

There is a lot of buzz and hype regarding the coming availability of 5G mobile services, anticipated to occur later this year.

Expectations are high, perpetuated by articles regularly appearing in the media.

By Kathryn Fleay, CEO, MIG

In late February a group of Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG) members and staff with an interest in agricultural technology attended the inaugural evokeAG conference in Melbourne, with support from DPIRD’s eConnected project.

WA Livestock Disease Outlook - for producers - April 2019

Calling a vet to investigate disease protects our markets: The WA Livestock Disease Outlook provides information about recent livestock disease cases in Western Australia and diseases likely to occur in the next month. Calling a vet to investigate diseases when they occur provides...

WA Livestock Disease Outlook - for vets - April 2019

Livestock disease investigations protect our markets: Australia’s ability to sell livestock and livestock products depends on evidence from our surveillance systems that we are free of particular livestock diseases. The WA livestock disease outlook – for vets summarises recent...

Seasonal Climate Outlook May 2019

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s (DPIRD) Statistical Seasonal Forecast (SSF) system for May to July 2019 and May to October 2019 is indicating less than 40% chance of exceeding median rainfall for parts of the northern and southern grainbelt with higher chances (...

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