Many new navel and Valencia orange varieties have become available in recent years and are currently being evaluated under West Australian conditions. Many are protected by Plant Breeder's Rights and the best are expected to replace some existing commercial varieties in future years.

The production of chicons or witlof ('white leaf') chicory is a major industry in many European countries but it is an expensive vegetable to grow as it is a two-stage crop, requiring 'forcing' for the second stage.

There are many different grazing methods used to improve productivity, maintain desirable pasture species and reduce land degradation.

Business planning doesn’t have to be an arduous, drawn out task — it can be a simple, straightforward process that has the potential to turn your enterprise into a more profitable success.

Good marketing happens when a business knows its brand, unique selling proposition and target market.

These three elements combined give you a powerful tool to drive more customers and most importantly, the right kind of customers to your business.

Chickens can be a great asset to any small landholding. They provide eggs, produce fertiliser, control insects and weeds, eat kitchen scraps and loosen soil while scratching.

But there are a few things you need to know when keeping chickens and producing eggs.

Whether you are a small landholder developing a small patch of paradise or starting a new enterprise, there are several government approvals required.

From clearing land to building a shed, various legislative controls exist to aid in the development of land use activities.

Growing an orchard can give immense satisfaction — especially when consuming the ripened end product. It can also be a complex and expensive operation which is only marginally profitable when producing on a small scale.

Citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton, is the only leafminer attacking citrus in Australia. Originating from South East Asia, citrus leafminer (actually a moth) was first found in Western Australia in 1995 and occurs in most citrus producing areas of the world.

Brooms, including scotch broom and needle leaved broom (Cytisus scoparius, Genista linifolia, Genista monspessulana) that have been designated as Weeds of National Significance (WoNS).

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