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Fifteen projects will share in $582,800 in funding through the eConnected Grainbelt Project’s new WA Internet of Things (IoT) DecisionAg Grant Program.

Eight grower groups and five agricultural schools/ colleges have been successful in receiving grants through the project's latest grants scheme.

Find out more about the IoT DecisionAg grant recipients and their projects.


evokeAG Discussion With Tammin Farmers

DPIRD's Brad Plunkett spoke with Tammin farmers Brad and Kate Jones at this year's evokeAG, as part of research work he is undertaking on behalf of eConnected.

To listen to the ‘kitchen table’ discussion about the Jones' Bungulla Farming operation at Tammin, WA, which was filmed at the 2019 evokeAG agtech event, please see the video below.


The discussion outlines the operation’s sources of uncertainty, decision-making under uncertainty in an all grains operation, management structures, 3D level data analysis of an integrated data driven set of innovations and management decisions to lower costs, and to build an alternative supply chain. 

The chat also details the importance of agtech and precision agriculture adoption rates.

To see Brad Plunkett's evokeAG presentation entitled  'Innovating Down the Cost Curve at Bungulla Farming', please see the attached document.   

evokeAG is Australia’s ‘largest agtech event’ and was held in Melbourne, this February.

Find out more about the Melbourne-based event.


Upgraded Weather Website 

The eConnected Grainbelt Project has recently released its new weather website.

The new dashboard enables farmers, consultants and other users to capture and compare a range of weather data all on one page. This new feature has the ability to select a range of dates to graph, compare and analyse data.

Enjoy the improved functionality, which makes the site more intuitive and easier to navigate.

To view the new site, please visit:

Also, please view the videos below to learn more about the new weather application.

Updates: Several improvements have been made to DPIRD's new weather website.

Weather Application: This video provides you with a run-down of the new weather stations application.

Tutorial: This is a tutorial video, or users' guide on the upgraded weather stations app.


Project Extension

The project is also pleased to announce formal approval has been granted to extend the project by 12 months, with a new end date of 30 June, 2019.

The project is currently working on extending the eConnected Project Service Agreements with all 11 eConnected Grower Groups for a further 12 months.

This means that the eConnected Grower Groups will have the opportunity to continue holding eDemonstration (eDemo) events on digital tools for decision-making till 30 June, 2019.

Anyone interested in finding out more about upcoming eDemo events should contact the eConnected Grower Group closest to them (details and links listed below).

The project is also looking to extend all weather station and soil moisture probe lease agreements with individual farmers.

Technology plays an integral role in ensuring our State’s agricultural sector remains profitable and sustainable.

DPIRD’s eConnected Grainbelt Project, funded by the State Government, is continuing to work on promoting the availability of information and ag-tech tools across the grains industry.

Continuing to raise the awareness of the tools and assisting WA growers and consultants improve their technological skill levels is enabling growers to make more profitable decisions tailored to their farm businesses, and in turn leading to improved profits.

Further, the project has recently moved into a new phase, with the new and important focus areas of regional connectivity, through engagement, and the possibilities of shared data.

With the recent merge of three State Government departments into the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), our eConnected team is now part of the Digital Connectivity team. The Digital Connectivity team is working hard to improve digital connectivity throughout WA’s regions. 

Further, the eConnected project is starting to move forward into the data control and accessibility space, particularly in terms of investigating methods currently being implemented with regards to the sharing of agricultural data and the related benefits to those involved.

We are continuing to meet our objectives by –

  • increasing the awareness, understanding and use of Ag-tech tools to improve decision-making by grain growers and their consultants;
  • supporting policy development and industry strategies for partnering and funding improved infrastructure to address ‘to-farm’ connectivity; and
  • working with collaborators to initiate and facilitate an industry approach to an open information ecosystem allowing for better flow of information between grain growers, their consultants, suppliers, buyers, researchers, suppliers of weather data and other industry participants.

The team is also looking at the project’s longevity and considering its important legacy.

Meanwhile, to learn more about different connectivity terminology, please refer to the attached Digital Connectivity brochure.

And to find out more about the project, please keep reading below, look for us on Facebook or Twitter or give us a shout-out on social media via #eConnectedWA.


Getting Value from Farm Data Networks

As part of the successful Getting Value from Farm Data Networks grower group forum at Technology Park, Bentley, four high quality speakers presented to about 70 attendees. Read more


Speak with the eConnected team

The eConnected project continues to have a strong presence at industry events. 

eConnected representatives, along with colleagues from Digital Connectivity, attended the recent 2019 GRDC Research Updates and the 2019 Wagin Woolorama.

eConnected team members continue to feature and promote eConnected and related agricultural tools to assist growers and consultants get up to speed with the latest agricultural technology available, and to learn more about how it could positively assist their businesses.


Decision support tools

The eConnected Grainbelt Project aims to make a real difference to growers’ businesses and the grains industry.

The project team has developed a series of state-of-the-art tools to help you grow your farm business and help you raise your profits.

DPIRD-developed tools available, include - Read more


New Application Programming Interfaces released

The department has now released six new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

This includes the recently released - Organisms, Pestfax Map, Soils and Science APIs. These accompany the updated Weather API and the existing Radar API.

An API is described as a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software elements. An API can make it easier to develop a computer program by providing all the 'building blocks', which are then put together by the programmers.

An API may be for a web-based system, operating system, database system, computer hardware or software library.

For further information on our latest APIs, please visit our general API page.

If you have further suggestions or queries please do not hesitate to provide feedback.


Attend an eDemonstration (eDemo) site event

Using technology will empower you with information and decision-making tools to manage risks and boost the profitability and sustainability of your grain production business.

To help WA grain growers, the eConnected Grainbelt Project teamed up with 11 grower groups around the state to host eDemonstration (eDemo) sites.

Each site holds regular events. These events provide you with the opportunity to try relevant ag-tech decision support tools, systems and applications first-hand to see how they can benefit your business.

Team members will be on site at these events to assist you as you learn the particulars of various ag-tech tools.

To find out when the eDemo site closest to you is holding its next event, please contact your local eConnected Grower Group, from the list below.

eConnected Grower Groups hosting eDemo sites  –

Corrigin Farm Improvement Group, Corrigin;

Facey Group, Wickepin; **

Far East Agricultural Research Group (FEAR), Moorine Rock;

Merredin and Districts Farm Improvement Group (MADFIG), Merredin;

Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG), Mingenew;

South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA), Esperance;

Southern Dirt, Kojonup (includes West Arthur Hub, Darkan);

Stirlings to Coast Farmers, Mount Barker and Gillamii Centre, Cranbrook;

West Midlands Group, Dandaragan;

Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management (NRM), Northam; and

Yuna Farm Improvement Group, Yuna.

** Facey Group have provided us with copies of the videos on each of their key presenters from their recent eConnected eDemo event. You can view the videos by clicking on the links below, via each presenter’s name.

- Annie Brox

- Ben Congdon

- Christiaan Valentine

- Darren Mottolini

- Josh Johnson

- Leanne Wiseman

- Michael Ford

- Professor Simon Cook

- Ryan Walker


eDemonstration sites explained

To gain meaningful feedback on decision support tools, systems and technologies, we are working with our 11 eConnected grower groups and consultants who host the 11 eConnected Demo sites, located throughout the WA Grainbelt.

Each eDemo site is a place where growers, consultants and industry representatives may get together to learn about, compare and contrast all of the decision support tools, systems and technologies available to them.

These technologies are already proving successful in terms of better decision-making leading to improved outcomes on the farm. This agricultural technology is clearly empowering growers through the provision of required information, and through the accessibility of tools that allow them to manage risks and boost grain production.

In addition, each eDemo site is fully instrumented with an automatic weather station and soil moisture probes.

You can visit specific grower group’s local weather stations by accessing our new interactive (rainfall and radar) weather stations map.

With the click of a button you may search this map to access the rainfall information for your farm, drilling right down to specific paddocks, and receive your local results in a timely, detailed manner.

You may also access the data from your local grower group’s eConnected soil moisture probe via OutPost Central.

If you would like to know more about our project, any of the tools or are interested in being involved with this exciting initiative, please do not hesitate to contact eConnected Grainbelt Project Manager Darren Gibbon on W: (08) 9368 3406 or E:

* Please note: ag-tech tools may have been developed by DPIRD or a third party.


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