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Mar 2017
17 February 2017

Annual field day and conference hosted by the Kimberley Pilbara Cattleman's Association, sponsored by RuralCo

A national livestock standstill is when it is nationally agreed that specific livestock species affected by an emergency disease must not be moved.

Strangles is an infectious, bacterial disease of horses, which may affect any horse not previously exposed to the disease.

Australia’s ability to sell livestock and livestock products depends on evidence from our surveillance systems that we are free of livestock diseases that are reportable or which affect trade. To...

Supporting Australia's ability to sell livestock and livestock products: Australia’s ability to sell livestock and livestock products depends on evidence from our surveillance systems that we are...

DAFWA provides data and information on current season through its network of automatic weather stations and seasonal climate forecasts through the Statistical Climate Information system.

Protecting Western Australian citrus orchards from pests and diseases that could significantly affect their production and therefore the availability of citrus is an important activity of growers,

Sugarcane was grown commercially in the Ord River Irrigation Area between 1995 and 2007. 

The Grower Group Research and Development (R&D) Grants Program awarded $6.7 million to 16 grower groups across Western Australia in its inaugural round.

In this edition read about how backgrounding could assist in gaining access to higher value markets, funding available to help deliver priority projects from the Northern Beef Infrastructure...

Nov 2016
11 November 2016

Indigenous cattlemen and women from across Australia’s north will travel to the East Kimberley town of Kununurra to participate in an Indigenous Producer's Workshop from November 23 to 26 - a...

Exhibiting fruit and vegetables at shows is a popular activity.

Nov 2016
25 October 2016

With the Kimberley turning a corner of unprecedented opportunity in the sectors of agriculture, aquaculture and tourism, how can we harness this wild destination and steer it toward a rich and...

The life of the celery crop is considered in three phases — establishment, rapid growth and maturation — and each phase has specific fertiliser requirements.

Selecting the correct pump for an irrigation system will not only result in better crop production, but save money on running costs over its life.  A poor pump choice may result in damage to the sy

Hollow heart is an internal disorder where a 'lens' or 'star'-shaped cavity forms in the potato tuber.

Capsicums (Capsicum annuum) and chillies (Capsicum frutescens) are cultivated as annual vegetables while the edible parts are botanically fruit. They belong to the Solanaceae fami

Broad beans are a winter-growing leguminous vegetable grown for their large, immature seeds which are a good source of protein, carbohydrate, B group vitamins and fibre.

Matching water supply in the soil to crop demand using good irrigation practice is important to produce a high quality potato crop.

Brooms, including scotch broom and needle leaved broom (Cytisus scoparius, Genista linifolia, Genista monspessulana) that have been designated as Weeds of National Signif


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