Irrigation design for agriculture

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Irrigation is the most important input for Irrigated agriculture affecting performance, yield and quality of crops.  Irrigation design determines the delivery operation and power use efficiency and therefore influences the profitability of your business. Using an irrigation professional will often result in a more suitable design with lower running cost. The following web page will highlight important aspects of irrigation design, so you are able to ask questions to end up with an irrigation system that suits your crop, farm and business needs.


There are two aspects of irrigation that influence the performance and efficiency of an irrigation system, and these are operation and design.  This webpage describes some basic design concepts that may be required for an irrigation designer and provides contacts that will be able to assist with correct irrigation design.
Irrigation design is a specialist job and therefore should be done by a professional.  Irrigation Australia Limited  (IAL) is the national body of irrigation professionals for both urban and rural irrigation.  The IAL administers an industry-owned certification scheme that recognises irrigation professionals.

Certified irrigation designers

A Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) has demonstrated the knowledge and experience required to design  irrigation systems by passing a series of closed book, supervised  exams. Irrigation is a large and diverse industry, covering irrigation applications from broadacre agriculture to residential gardens. Design requirements vary widely across this range, so it is important to engage a designer who can demonstrate design skills, knowledge and experience in projects similar to the project being proposed.  Irrigation designers are bound by a code of conduct and to maintain currency of their certification, a CID must meet their annual obligations to demonstrate continuing professional development, to ensure ongoing integrity, knowledge and compliance with industry standards.

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