Protecting WA crops

The DAFWA Crop Protection team have been busy updating the eWeed newsletter to bring you a bigger and better format: Protecting WA Crops.

Protecting WA crops is our new monthly eNewsletter providing agronomists and growers with an up-to-date review (including the latest research) of the weed, disease and pest threats that impact on crop production.

Protecting WA Crops October 2018 Issue 13

• Cereal root diseases identification snapshot
• Checking for root diseases
• Confirmation of diagnosis
• Common soilborne diseases which cause patchy cereal crops
• Common soilborne diseases which cause whiteheads in cereals
• PREDICTA B accreditation course
• Flow...

Protecting WA Crops August 2018 Issue 12

•    Root Lesion Nematodes: the invisible threat
•    What are Root lesion nematodes (RLN)?
•    Root lesion nematode distribution in WA
•    Diagnosing RLN in your paddocks
•    DDLS
•    Managing RLN
•    Are rotations offering breaks for RLN...

Protecting WA Crops July 2018, Issue 11

•    Apps and technologies issue
•    CropScout
•    SnapBait
•    SnapCard
•    Apps to manage Blackleg and Sclerotinia in Canola
•    Sclerotinia Imaging System
•    PestFax Reporter and MyPestGuide Reporter - Which app do I use to report pests with?
•    ...

Protecting WA Crops May 2018 Issue 10

Viruses survive in the green bridge
Aphid transmission
Pea seed-borne mosaic virus (PSbMV)
Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV)
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)
Sub clover red leaf syndrome
Impact of insecticide use on severity of SCRLS – some grower observations

Protecting WA Crops Issue 9 March 2018

• Crop density
• Other potential impacts of crop row spacing on canola
• Crop row spacing
• Crop row orientation
• Soil amelioration
• Inversion ploughing
• Deeper deep ripping – what are the effects on weeds

Protect WA Crops February 2018

• Research Updates 2018
• Are you considering harvest weed seed destruction in 2018? Here are a few more things to think about
• New app’s for the WA grains industry - Crop Scout, Blackleg CM, Sclerotinia
• Barley leaf rust
• Emerging weeds
• Herbicide tolerance in oats...

Protecting WA Crops Issue 7 December 2017

•    Testing
•    Seed testing and dressings key to smut management
•    Field pea - Pea seed-borne mosaic virus guide for preparing for 2018
•    Herbicide resistance testing
•    Testing for glyphosate resistance
•    Characterising soil borne disease risk in

Protecting WA Crops Issue 6 October 2017

• Swathing and spraying canola
• Crop Topping
• Timing of wild radish for in-crop seedset control
• Ergot
• Control of ergot in crops with pre-harvest desiccants
• Green radish pods can reduce crop seed viability in storage
• Insect Grain Contaminants
• Early...

Protecting WA Crops Issue 5 September 2017

Sclerotinia stem rot
What is it?
Life cycle of sclerotinia and how to assess disease risk
Diagnosing sclerotinia stem rot in canola
Sclerote germination experiments
Management options in canola
Seasonal variability
Pathogenic diversity of WA sclerotinia field...

Protecting WA Crops Issue 4 July 2017

Oats more competitive than wheat and barley
It is now legal to use Trifluralin in oats
Are oats susceptible to root lesion nematodes?
Oats are susceptible to a number of leaf diseases
Crown rot and oats

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